Why Choose Moss Off Roof®

25 years experience of external cleaning

Moss Off Roof® has invested in this incredible 'Dry, No Wet Mess, No Pressure Wash' roof cleaning system, which cleans moss off roofs without having to stand on the roof.

We achieve excellent results using this roof cleaning system and our customers are delighted every time.

Why did we invest in this System?

We have found over the years that customers fear pressure washing because of the damage caused through water damage into the property, broken tiles and damage to the tile surface.

The dry system we use is perfect because no one is on the roof and no water is used, so you have complete peace of mind that the job is being carried out to an excellent standard.

Moss Off Roof® cause no damage as;

  • We don’t use pressure washers
  • We don’t stand on your roof
  • Our dry, no pressure wash system causes no mess

Just a really great result that you will be very happy with...!