Roof Cleaning Services Bournemouth

Roof Cleaning Services in the Bournemouth area

We carry out roof cleaning in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, with fantastic results - without pressure washing and without standing on the roof.

  • We access the roof from gutter level via a portable scaffold - no one goes on the roof
  • Causes no damage to roof tiles because our system uses compressed air combined with lightweight attachments
  • Leaves the top protective surface of the tile intact and undamaged
  • A ‘dry’, no wet mess system

You don’t need a huge amount of moss on your roof, we can clear just a small build up and use our Softwash system to keep the moss at bay, returning your roof appearance to an almost new condition all year round with our cost effective maintenance package.

But when you have extensive moss coverage we are the company who can deal with the situation in the most professional way with our specially made moss removal system which delivers incredible results.

Roof cleaning and moss removal without damaging roof tiles

We are a roof cleaning company in Bournemouth. We use the incredible Airpole® “Reach & Blow”® system to safely carry out roof cleaning and removal, without causing any damage to roof tiles.

This dry, no wet mess approach to roof cleaning allows us to safely carry out roof moss removal, without pressure washing or standing on the roof. We also offer biocide roof cleaning, which brings colour back to the roof as well as killing the moss roots.

Unlike pressure washing, the roof cleaning system uses compressed air - it causes no damage to the protective surface of the tiles and no tile breakage, but still gets the roof super-clean! Because we use compressed air instead of pressure washing, there is no wet mess. We collect everything on a tarpaulin, which is swept up and disposed of.

Roof cleaning costs

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